Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Gator Game-less Weekend

No Gator game this weekend to celebrate so we made our own social activities.  Friday night B.Frazz and I went out early for drinks.  We had barely seen each other this week and needed to catch up.  Then we met up with Cute boy and his friends after enjoying a few very cheap pitchers of beer.  We went to a less crowded bar where the boys could play beer pong as the girls chatted on the sidelines and cheered them on.  GPod, Bfrazz's bf, was also there with his close friends, so there was lots of blending of the friend groups. Very exciting! We had a great time there and proceeded to walk home at closing time.  Barefoot of course, those heels were hot but not so great for the journey home.  Sat morning we (Bfrazz, Cute boy and I) hit up one of our fave Gainesville breakfast places, Peach Valley, (also G.Pod's work place) for some yummy recovery scrambled eggs.  B.Frazz has always been on "Team Cute boy" and is very excited to see us hanging out more and more.  
Later in the afternoon we caught some rays by the pool.  It was fabulous to get some sun after a very rainy couple of weeks.  While we were there we planned a lovely evening to host a football party.  We invited friends over to our Mousey Housey to watch USC slaughter OSU.  It was not a very exciting game, but we were happy to see OSU lose. Bfrazz and I love to hostess, and arranged for a table full of delicious apps that went very quickly once the gang arrived.  We also ordered pizza and had plenty of beers to keep the boys happy.  Im happy that Cute boy decided to come so he can continue getting to know the rest of our friends. He is just so great and always knows how to put a smile on my face.  We already have planned our week of upcoming TV shows, so excited! And we are working on getting tickets to the Brad Paisley concert in October.  Yay!
Now that we have cleaned up the house after our little shindig, I must get to my homework before going to babysit this afternoon.  Have a great week! Next Sat. the Gators play the Vols in Tenn. 
Go Gators! 

Boogie Down Yall! 

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