Monday, June 30, 2008

Im Back...

Hi all!  
After taking a blogging break for a few months, I am now back in full force.  A ton has happened since my last post.  Here is a quick re-cap... My darling boyfriend from Old South dumped my butt after Spring Break.  I had a great time being single for the rest of the semester.  I celebrated my 22nd birthday with all the love nesters and soon after had to sadly move out of the sorority house and leave the room where we had made so many memories: the love nest.  At the time, no tears were shed as Becky Bear and BFrazz were graduating and we were all moving our different ways.  Now looking back its sad and I miss living all together.  Now I am spending the summer living with Bfrazz in a tiny little apartment where we get to snuggle.  We will be moving in to a cute little house, "Mousy Housy" in August with KTWag where we will be able to spread out a little.  I am taking electives this summer, nothing too difficult.  KTWag is back in the ville taking classes now also.  I can't wait to see her face! I've missed her for the last 6 weeks while she was home and I have been here.  I am still babysitting for the chitlins.  The oldest just turned 7 and the baby just had his first birthday!  They are growing up so quickly!  Well, I am off to my first class of Summer B... And then hopefully out to celebrate the semester later this evening...  :)

Boogie Down Y'all