Monday, April 27, 2009

Please Vote for Me!

Hey yall!

Happy Monday!  I entered a monogram contest on Pink Cupcake Please go on her adorable preppy blog and vote for me, number 6!  Right now I am losing to number 4.  I entered my cutest Florida Gator monogrammed game-day tote and my pink and green monogrammed tote!  Don't you think I should win?!  Help a sister out.   :)

Boogie down, 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Run, Forrest, Ruuunn!

Hey yall, 

It's a beautiful sunny day here in G-ville.  Hope everyone had a great week, I know I did!  My internship in Kindergarten ended last week so I have had a whole lot of "me" time this week while Cute boy has been locked up in the Law School library studying hard to Ace his exams.  I have been able to catch up on all my fave blogs like  Monograms and Manicures and Puttin' on the G.R.I.T.S.  Yall should check them out.  They are adorable preppy girls who love all my favorite things!  I have also successfully found a pair of Gator Blue peep toes to wear to graduation on!  yay! 
Also this week I have able to get back in a great morning workout routine and healthy diet.  What a great way to start the bikini season!  I love my new Nike plus that tracks my time and mileage on my morning runs.  I like to jog about 2 miles each morning before I come home and work on abs and arms on my yoga mat in front of the Today show.  :)  I love watching Hoda and Kathie Lee to start my day. The Nike plus is great.  When I plug my ipod in to my comp it automatically updates my stats on  Sooooo cool! You can even check them out through my Nike mini (The Nike girl running around on my sidebar).  Anyone who likes to run like I do should get a plus!  It rocks my world! 
Well, I'm off to Michael's to find SOMETHING to decorate my mortar board for graduation day!  I can't believe it's a week away!!! Yikes!  So excited to be Gator Alumni.  (Stay tuned after Grad day for fun Gator Grad pics with Albert and Alberta and my soon to be decorated cap and gown. )
Then, Cute boy and I are going home for a Braves vs. Marlins game after Grad Day!  Go Braves! Check out the adorable Hot Flops (View) Mom bought me for my Bday to go to baseball games with Cute boy!!!  I am a new Braves fan, so let me know where I can get more cute Fan gear! 

Boogie Down Yall, and go for a run!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

rainy day

Hi all,

My, it is a terribly rainy day.  Although we were in need of a sprinkle here in G-ville, it has been over kill today! As my 23rd birthday is approaching along with my May 1st graduation date, I have been reflective on my college experience today.  So many great people I have met.  So many great athletic events I have attended.  I am forever a Gator even after I graduate and leave this town.  I love Gainseville, and it will always have a special place in my heart.  Luckily, I am not moving away just yet.  I have another year ahead of me while I complete Graduate School.  
Cute Boy are excited to find out where we will me living in the Fall and are planning are summer schedules.  There won't be much time to celebrate my graduation before classes and work will pick up again.  I will be on the lookout for more babysitting hours over the summer since I will not be able to work in the fall.  I will be completing my full-time internship in 2nd grade! I am so excited! 
Before I get ahead of myself with all my plans and upcoming celebrations, I must find some blue shoes to wear to graduation with my orange Lilly shift dress! I am on a mission... I also need to get decorating my mortar board so cute boy and the family can see me walk across that stage! How exciting! 
Hope yall are having a sunshiney day outside of Gainesville... 
Boogie Down,