Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking Past the Lens

Hey yall,
I just got this great idea from B is for Brown to participate in Looking Past the Lens every Tuesday. Since Tuesdays tend to be a stressful day for me (packed with 6 hours of class) I thought it would be a great way to reflect on the things I love about myself and to be gracious every single day. Join in to Looking past the Lens by answering these 4 questions each Tuesday and give yourself a hug! It might just be the perfect pick-me-up for your week. :)

1. What is one thing that you love about yourself today?
I love the orange shift dress I am wearing. I love that I am rocking my pearls today. I am really loving my positive attitude I am feeling. The sunshine has really gotten to my soul. I am so ready for Spring!
2. What is one thing that you just can't stop smiling about?
Every time I look out the window the sunshine keeps cheering me up. I am a generally happy person, but today nothing could get me down. Loving the sunny day.
3. A moment recently where you felt truly special.
I felt special when Cute Boy watched ice dancing with me this week (something he does not enjoy) just to sit next to me and spend time together while sharing a pint of Blue Bell. Yumm.
4. A personal goal for the upcoming week.
Keep up the optimistic happy attitude and get all my homework and projects done so I can enjoy Spring Break.
And maybe do some laundry (yikes!)

Join in on the fun and warm fuzzies! Start Looking Past the Lens today!
Boogie down yall,
Pink Gator

Friday, February 19, 2010

Preps Go Green

Hey y'all!

One of my favorite V-Day gifts came from Momma Gator this year. My new Lilly Loves Green Market Tote is my new favorite thing! Lilly Loves Green is a great campaign Lilly is promoting right now. They have released two reusable totes at all their stores. Go out and get one! Not only are the prints adorable, but they are a great help to the environment. Check out some of the other preppy totes I have found at Pier 1, Monogrammed Divas and more!
Let's go green, Preps! Have a happy earth-friendly Friday-
Boogie down,

-Pink Gator

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time gone...

Hey yall,
To all my followers, So sorry I have been MIA for months! My last two semesters at UF have been a real challenge. I have been spending all my time and energy in maintaining my GPA in graduate school.
How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Let me know what you did to celebrate.
Ours was amazing! Cute Boy made reservations at a new Italian Restaurant called Francesca's. Delicious! Then we were off to the Ballet at the Phillips Center at UF. It was beautiful! We had such a romantic night on our Second V-day together.
I am happy to be back in action on preppy gator. I have a lot going on including getting ready for graduation, planning our graduation party, applying for jobs, preparing to be a real grown-up! If you have any experience in party planning I need some suggestions for the menu!
Much love, Boogie down!
- Pink Gator xo