Monday, March 23, 2009

Avoiding work

Hey yall, 

Spring Break was so much fun, I just can't seem to get back in the school routine.  Cute boy and I went on a fabulous cruise on Royal Caribbean to the bahamas and the keys, which I highly recommend.  It was my very first cruise and we had a great time!  Here are some of my fave pics from the 4 day trip.  I loved working on our tans and getting fancy for the yummy dinners each night.  
Only 3 weeks of my kindergarten pre-internship left!  I cant believe how quickly this semester has flown by.  I have learned so much, and will really miss my students.  This experience has really helped confirm my passion for teaching.  Tomorrow my partner and I will be teaching our final lesson.  Graduation is May 2! I can't wait to make my family proud and call myself Gator Alumni!  I am planning how I will be decorating my mortar board so the fam can't find me at graduation.  Any cute suggestions?  I am thinking an orange and blue monogram will be appropriate since I will be wearing my orange Lilly dress. 
Then, Cute boy and I are going to be here in G-ville together over the summer!  He has just accepted an Internship in Ocala (40 minutes from here) for the summer!  I am so excited that we won't have to be long distance while I start taking my Graduate classes.  I am trying to talk him in to getting us a puppy to keep me company when he is working 40 hour weeks... He said he would think about it.  :) 
I'll let you know if he comes through.  Oh, and my 23rd Bday is quickly approaching as well.  Let the party planning begin! 

Boogie Down Yall,