Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall has begun

Hey yall,

Happy Fall! The summer just flew by and fall semester rolled right in.  School work is already taking over my life.  The girls and I moved in to Mousy Housy and it is just adorable.  We were so sick of decorating in Pink and Green that we decided to go for a more grown up "Pottery Barn" look when we pulled all of our furniture together.  It is sweet and cozy, a great place to call home for the next 2 years.  Gainesville is great, its hot and sunny and we havent had too much hurricane weather lately.  
My latest and greatest idea is that I am going to race in a triathlon coming up in October.  I have been training since the last week of summer and have just a few more weeks left to get ready.  I am very excited! My goal is simply to finish the race. Alive. And not dead.  That is all.  Then when race season starts back up in March I will try to improve my times.  Training has been a great way to keep me busy since the girls and I are no longer active in the sorority.  Although we miss it at times, it is also nice to feel more grown up and independent.  
There is a new boy in town that has been so great.  I've known him for a few years but just started really getting to hang out over the summer. We had a few fun nights out at midtown before he left on a road trip.  When he left we didn't really keep in touch, but ever since he has been back we have been hitting it off and spending a lot of time together.  We are both TV gurus and always have a new show to watch as an excuse to see each other.  He is from my hometown which is nice.  I am trying to convince him to come watch my race in October.  That way he will meet my darling family as well.  If he sticks with me through that weekend, then I'll know he is a keeper for sure!  Haha! Thats all for now.  

Boogie Down Yall.
-pink gator