Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long blog break...

hi all!
after fining myself in a sick circle of blogs about babies and housewives i got jealous and decided to post to my own blog!  It has been a very long time! 
All is well here in the ville.  Cute boy and i are still going strong... almost 6 months of fun together! We love each other very much and have come to rely on each other for support throughout this rough academic semester. I am graduating in may! woohoo! he is in search of a law internship for the summer, i hate talking about it and don't want to grasp the idea of being away from each other for the summer.  he could end up anywhere, but i will be here taking summer classes to start my Master's program.  
Anyway, Im back! Here are some quick catch-up pics of us from the last 5 months :)

Oh, and Go Gators! We won the National Championship in January.  Cute boy and I have been attending all the Gator Basketball home games too... I had never been to a b-ball game before Cute boy, so this is "our thing" that i love. We have so much fun as Gator fans!

boogie down yall, 
Pink Gator