Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time gone...

Hey yall,
To all my followers, So sorry I have been MIA for months! My last two semesters at UF have been a real challenge. I have been spending all my time and energy in maintaining my GPA in graduate school.
How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Let me know what you did to celebrate.
Ours was amazing! Cute Boy made reservations at a new Italian Restaurant called Francesca's. Delicious! Then we were off to the Ballet at the Phillips Center at UF. It was beautiful! We had such a romantic night on our Second V-day together.
I am happy to be back in action on preppy gator. I have a lot going on including getting ready for graduation, planning our graduation party, applying for jobs, preparing to be a real grown-up! If you have any experience in party planning I need some suggestions for the menu!
Much love, Boogie down!
- Pink Gator xo

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