Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dixie Darlin'

Old South weekend in Savannah, GA was the time of my life! I met some really great new friends, drank cold beers and danced the nights away with out a care in the world. My darling bf took care of me the entire weekend and was sweet as ever. I had a blast meeting his buds and all their adorable dates. We spent the first night out on the town at a tavern called Moon River and then spent all day Saturday walking up and down River St. and meeting up with friends until all the "Southern Belles" needed to start getting ready for the ball. With our big hoop skirts and costume dresses we all looked perfectly in character, especially when we met up with our "Soldier" boys in uniform. We had to walk a few blocks where we were asked to take pictures like Disney characters with small children and newlyweds. So funny! The ball was held at a beautiful plantation-like mansion called the Olde Pink House. Here we had a yummy dinner and danced all night in the ball room. I felt like a princess twirling around in my dress! It was fabulous. Needless to say, I was in need of some major rest when I got back to G-ville.
Now, here I am back to grind stone of school work and babysitting. Counting down the hours until Spring Break begins... A midterm tomorrow and early morning class on Thursday are the only things standing between me and a day spent tanning by the pool with a margarita in hand. What a fabulous day that will be....can't come soon enough.
Boogie Down Y'all,

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B. Frazz said...

Hi Preppy Gator.. It's one of your fellow Love Nesters! For some reason I'm not able to post anymore.. I guess you made good on your threat to take me off...haha. Just wanted to inform the world that tomorrow the Quad is taking over the Keys... so if anyone else is going to be down in Key West.. best be on the lookout for four Florida girls traipsing around Duval street!! Can't wait for our last crazy spring break to officially begin... love you girls!