Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Sunny Day!

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did! Friday night kicked off the weekend with a fabulous Girl's Night Out. We were all so excited for our first night out wearing dresses this Spring! Most who saw us four girls boogie down to the 80's Tunes may have been scared off, but those who joined in with us had the time of their lives! Our boyfriends will never leave town without us again... We proceeded to drink $2 pitchers of cheap beer and took over 80 pictures throughout the evening. The night came to an end when a sweet fraternity boy drove us home to our sorority house so that we didn't have to walk all that way in our cute high heels!

Saturday was a relaxing rainy day when two of the love nesters went out of town for the night. They left me and Becky-Bear to a fun night of Moe's burritos, Old Navy deals, and Target must-haves. These are some of my fabulous finds. (Stacy and Clinton would be so proud!)
Shopping is limited around these parts of town, so the girls and I have to get creative in our searches for the perfect Spring Break staples. Key West better watch out, they won't know what hit 'em after the love nesters leave town! If our latest Girl's Night is any indication of what might go on in the Keys, I'm going to need to rest up before that trip... At least I will look fabulous while I'm there!

Today was a sunny day for laying out by the pool (in my new Old Navy black bikini) after church and a lunch date with the boy. So happy he is back in town. Now the girls and I are off to take our friend, Miffy, to dinner in celebration of her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend, Mike, who is overseas in the Marines. Congrats Miffy! You are the strongest girl I know!
Tomorrow is my first midterm exam of the semester, so wish me luck!

Boogie Down,

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