Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer so far...

Well yes, it has sadly become my signature move to go MIA from preppygator for months at a time.  My apologies, and welcome to all my new followers! I am going to be better, promise! 
I have been a Gator Alum for over a month now! Wow! Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my diploma in the mail... but school has not been off my mind at all since graduation.  Taking 4 classes over summer is a huge challenge, especially Graduate courses that require a lot of work and research outside of the classroom.  I am certainly going to know more about reading assessment, diagnosis and intervention than ANYONE ever wanted to know! haha. 
In our time outside of school work and internships Cute Boy and I have managed to keep quite busy! Here is a quick pic recap to get you up to speed... 

We have been to baseball games! Go Braves!  

We have gone fishing with the family! 

We have partied with celebs in South Beach! Anyone watch Heros? Desperate Housewives?!

I baked a yummy flag cake topped with CoolWhip, strawberries, blueberries, and sparklers on Memorial Day!
More baseball! Go Gators!!!

And most recently... Cute Boy and I celebrated 9 wonderful months together! (And Many more to come!) We went to our favorite place with the BEST deserts, Mimi's Cafe in Ocala on Saturday night!

Now back to studying and school work... Wish me luck on my Final Exam on Thursday!

Boogie Down Yall, 

PS. Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day with your Dad this weekend! I know I will! :)
Anyone have preppy Daddy gift ideas??? 


mylittlebecky said...

i love the cake! so cute!

ps hello!

Cee said...

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower, your blog is super cute!

sarah said...

James Denton!!! So jealous! Super hot.

And your cake is making me hungrrrry!!!

RCaitlin said...

Crazy! I make the same cake. And jealous I'm definitely making a trip down to south beach when I got back to school in the fall.